All Season Landscape Services

Maintaining your landscaping will positively impact your property’s image and value with the clients and visitors it serves. B&T’s all season landscape services will provide full service commercial landscape maintenance that includes lawn and tree care, weed and pest management, storm response and preparedness and exterior upkeep services.

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Year-round Care and Maintenance

Your commercial property maintenance can be hassle free with B&T’s year round maintenance plan. Beyond lawn care in the spring and summer, our clients trust our over 20 years experience, dedication and equipment to provide total and comprehensive maintenance even in the most severe weather events. From hurricanes to Nor’easters, we’ve got your back.

All season landscape maintenance

Spring Maintenance: (click to see)

  • Aerate and fertilize lawns
  • Clean up debris and leaves
  • Deep clean artificial turf
  • Inspect for winter damage on plants and suggest replacements
  • Irrigation checks, repairs, programming
  • Refresh organic mulch
  • Remove weeds in garden beds
  • Start and clean up water features
  • Thorough landscape cleanup

Summer Maintenance: (click to see)

  • Adjust irrigation schedules depending on weather
  • Clean up debris and leaves
  • Deadhead flowering perennials
  • Hedge Shrubs
  • Look for and control insects other pests
  • Maintain and repair irrigation systems
  • Maintain water features
  • Mow and edge lawn areas
  • Prune back overgrowth in plants
  • Spray and remove weeds

Fall Maintenance: (click to see)

  • Aerate and fertilize lawns
  • Clean up leaves and other debris
  • Detail perennials by removing dead material and trimming back
  • Final lawn mowing and edging
  • Make final irrigation repairs
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Shut down and winterize irrigation systems and water features
  • Spray and remove weeds
  • Store irrigation components for commercial properties to reduce theft
  • Provide winter watering if there is no precipitation for extended periods of time

Winter Maintenance: (click to see)

  • Clean up leaf and debris
  • Snow removal and ice control on pathway areas

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