Landscape management at churches, synagogues, and mosques has its own specific set of tasks. So do cemeteries, funeral homes, and other places of worship. You can count on B&T to deliver on a peaceful and serene landscaped environment that is welcoming to all parishioners and guests.

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Places of worship

How your religious institution looks, matters when seeking to attract parishioners and contributions. B&T’s experienced landscaping crew is here for you year round making sure your landscaped grounds remain properly maintained. From privacy and beauty to reduced liability and safety, we are confident that we’ll delivery on your goals.

Cemeteries, Mausoleums and Crematoriums

Saying good-bye or visiting our dearly departed in a beautifully landscaped space brings comfort for everyone visiting. Transforming walkways, tree beds, and floral vegetation into serene landscaping is something we do everyday. With our all-season maintenance program, B&T will help keep your cemetery, mausoleum or crematorium in top shape year round.