Healthcare Facility Landscaping

Healing and recovery starts with a clean and functional outdoor space. It is why hospital and medical complexes rely on B&T to design, landscape, and maintain their medical facility campus year round. Your patients, residents, staff and visitors will thank you for it.

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Hospital & Medical Facility Landscaping

Medical institutions have specific landscaping needs. From a meditation garden to privacy walkways for patients and staff, B&T understands that your medical institution has specific privacy, safety, and access goals. Our landscape design specialists bring over 20 years experience serving medical institutions helping deliver safe and clean outdoor space to able-bodied as well as the disabled or injured.

Assisted Living, Senior Care, Long-Term Care Facilities

Communities that feature assisted living, senior care, long-term care, or hospice facilities require an experienced team of B&T’s landscape specialists who have served this sector. Cultivating engaging and safe surroundings for the patients, tenants, staff, and visitors is our primary goal. We are confident that our landscaping designs will bring a smile for everyone to enjoy while making your space inviting and on-brand.